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101 aged 13 years, 9 months WALLER, Annie (I5499)
102 aged 36 on 31 March 1901 BROWN, Elizabeth George Esther (I32)
103 Aged 4 years and 6 months

On Monday, 17th instant, at his father's
residence, Surry Hills, of scarlet fever, Francis
Henry Chambers, only son of Mr. James C
Peters, aged four years and six months. 
PETERS, Francis Henry Chambers (I734)
104 Aged 5 in 1871 census
Both Joseph and his son Joe worked in a factory making radiators for the London buses 
RYDER, Joseph (I14)
105 aged 6 on 31 March 1901 WALLER, Rosa Anne (I36)
106 Aged 81 at death. COKER, Susan (I2493)
107 aged 90 HAAGAR, Mark Albert (I4914)
108 Alf age 89 an Mia 85 were attacked by 2 africans, Mia had her hands badly hurt, they were locked in their bedroom after handing over all their money. the house was looted.
Alf was still riding his Velosolex bike at the age of 91. 
HOWARD, Alfred Francis (Alf) (I4232)
109 Alfred was Christened 8/26/1821 at Westbury. HALL, Alfred (I3444)
110 Also still born twins.
Rupert Charles, Edgar & Benjamin are possibly Arthur's brothers . 
LEE, Arthur Henry (I1320)
111 alternate birth date 23 June 1827 ZONDAGH, Maria Magdalena Susanna (I657)
112 amateur painter STEPHENS, Frederick (I444)
113 Angus died 5 months after birth. At that time the family lived 27 miles from a church. According to stories his mother carried the dead baby into Townsville so that he could have a Christian burial. MACDONALD, Angus (I3571)
114 Anne Cane. Born London 16-5-1790. Married John Brown at St Anns Westminister on 26-10-1812. 4 children, Elizabeth, Anne, Christianna and George. The last 2 born 1821 and 27 respectively. Died 19-2-1857 in Grahamstown.
Elizabeth Brown. Presumably born London 18-2-1815. Married Edward Chapman Leonard who died in 1892. 3 children. Died 7-6-1859.
Anne Brown. Presumably born London 17-9-1817. Married Henry Francis Fynn. Died at Swarts Kei when her husband was serving at Tarka's Post. 30-6-1839. I do not think there was issue.
Henry Francis Fynn. (1803 ? - 20-9-1861) was as you may know one of the founders of Natal along with King & Farewell. On the death of his wife Ann, he married Christianna Brown. he died at Fynnlands which I understand is on the Bluff at Durban. 
CANE, Ann (I1158)
115 Anne Trench brother of 1st Lord Ashtown TRENCH, Anne Margaret (I2246)
116 Anthony was Baptised at the Beckington Chapel 12/5/1805.
He married Joan Naish in the presence of Mathew Bourne.
Anthony started the seed business at Beckington in 1760. It continued until 1920.
Will proven 19/10/1809.

The Beckington Chapel was formed in 1786 by 16 people, who built the Chapel on a piece of land which a Mr.Baily had purchased for 20 pounds from a Mr.Steward in London. Of the 16 people who formed the Church one was Anthony Bourne Jnr. another was William Baily, the son of Mr. Baily mentioned above. On the 7th October 1788 a Deed of Trust was set up and of the 9 Trustees, Anthony Bourne was one. 
BOURNE, Anthony (I3475)
117 Antonia Waller writes in 1973:
“ …… the old Waller House, off East India Dock Road, not a quarter of a mile from the Docks, overlooking a railway cutting. this house, on a corner, was large, typically Victorian with it's basement and three floors above.

Great-grandmother Waller (Elizabeth nee Brown) lived in this house with her daughter, Rose Palmer, and granddaughter, Gwen. Your father (Joseph John Waller) remembers going there often as a small child, especially at Christmas, and meeting all the Waller aunts and uncles at the festivities. Your great-grandmother was then an old lady with thin, fine hair and must have been blonde in her youth - the type of hair that constantly sheds hairpins. She had been a schoolmistress and was a voracious reader. She boasted of having read all the books in Poplar Library, very conscientiously and logically - starting at the "A" authors and going through to the "Z" - Zola, I presume. He can just remember Great Grandfather (Charles Nathan) Waller, who was tall and whipcordy, dressed in somber blacks, with a high, upstanding white collar and a top hat. He was 'Captain of a dredger' Thames-side before he retired. I don't know if it was usual for a Longshoreman to make any deep-sea voyages, but apparently, he had been a Skipper at some time. The curios in the house may have been brought back by him from "Foreign Parts", although they could have been Aunt Rose's souvenirs at that. Seafaring appeared to die out in the Waller Family as speedily as it had begun.” 
BROWN, Elizabeth George Esther (I32)
118 Antonia Waller writes in 1973:
“Aunt Charlotte (Jane) was the most intelligent of all the Ryder sisters. She was very kind, soft-spoken and an excellent business-woman. It may be doubted if, for all his drive and energy, Uncle Steve Hatt would have been quite so successful without her help. As a combination, they were redoubtable. They obviously felt there was no fun like work and kept at it hard. The care of their children was left to a servant who had been with them for almost twenty years.” 
RYDER, Charlotte Jane (I216)
119 Antonia Waller writes in 1973:
“The third sister was Kate. She married John Murray, a surveyor. He was a very huge Irishman - big and tremendously fat. John Murray worked for the Council. They always had plenty of money because he "worked" a sweepstake. The details, I don't know, but I've heard of such a thing before - possible only if one is part of a large organisation. I believe the operator of this sort of thing runs a weekly or monthly sweepstake with his wage cheque as prize. It will be seen that if the prize is £100 and one has 200 colleagues who regularly take a £1 ticket, the operator must win, although one can't help wondering if the game is worth the candle - all the trouble one would have to go to. Both Kate and John Murray died young and left no children.” 
RYDER, Kate (I325)
120 Antonia Waller writes in “Ryder - Lopez memories” dated 1973:
“Nellie, the youngest of the family, was the Beauty. She married a man named Procter, who worked in a Saville Row tailor's as a salesman. In his off hours he was an enthusiastic member of the Territorial Army and through this connection, Aunt Nell joined the A.T.S. She rose to a very high rank - Commissioner, or something of that sort, whatever the female equivalent of a Colonel is. They had one daughter who died during World War II.” 
RYDER, Nellie (I41)
121 Antonia Waller writes:
“Florence, was the one who shared a house with your grandparents in the early days of their marriage. She married a man named Frederick Stephens. He was a talented amateur painter, but he died young of cancer, leaving a son and daughter. This daughter married an American Serviceman during World War II and she, her brother and their mother all went to the U.S.A. after the war.” 
RYDER, Florence (I394)
122 arrived Capetown 29 July 1730, aged 30 on vessel ‘Gaasperdam’ ZONDAGH, Matthias (I627)
123 arrived in Australia 14 May 1920
living 1982
16 First Avenue, Railway Estate, Townsville, Queensland 
MATHISON, John Thyne (I2983)
124 Arrived in S.Africa about 1688 and married about that time he was a teacher..8 Nov 1688 was reader and male nurse for the French congregatuon of Drakenstein, ROUX, Paul (I888)
125 Arrived in S.Africa as a sailor (deckhand) when he was 25 years of age POHL, Carel Frederick (I695)
126 Arrived in S.Africa in 1727 a soldier, and later a building labourer on his uncle Andrie's farm. Became a citizen in 1734. SCHUTTE, Christiaan Ernst (I874)
127 Arrived in S.Africa with his wife in 1686; they lived on "Fleurbaai" below Stellenbosch. They had 4 children.

Pottas: Pierre LE FEBRE was born about 1654. Dit is by die geleentheid dat enkele Hugenote-families wat later as vroeë Hugenote aan die Kaap aangekom het, uit Frankryk padgegee en na Holland geëmigreer het, bv Francois Villion (Viljoen), Guillaume du Toit en Pierre Lefebre.

Pierre le Febre arriveer gedurende 1683 aan die Kaap. Hy ontvang geen hulp van die Kompanjie in 1689 - 1690 nie, aangesien hy reeds in 1683 na die Kaap gekom het. Hy en sy vrou Maria de Graaf het in 1683 na die Kaap gekom (hul name verskyn in die rolle van 14 Februarie 1684). Hy het op Fleurbaux geboer.

Die Franse vlugtelinge wat voor 1688 na die Kaap gekom het, het hul dan ook meestal naby Stellenbosch gevestig. Hulle was Francois Villion (Idas Vallei), Pierre le Febre en gesin (Fleurbaai) en Guillaume du Toit (Aan't Pad).

Fleurbaai word in 1684 reeds aan Pierre toegewys, maar sy grondbrief ontvang hy eers op 28 Julie 1695. He was married to Maria DE GRAVES about 1677.

Buchroeder: Birth: 1655 in Flanders, France

The French Refugees at the Cape: before 1688 and after 1700: le Febre Pierre
came to Cape in 1683 with wife and child and in 1690 he received assistance for himself wife and two children. In 1700 he was living in the Cape district with his wife Maria de Graaf (or de Grave) and three daughters. 
LE FEBRE, Pierre (I703)
128 Arrived in South Africa 1859 with his wife Magdalena van Enter SCHUURMAN, Luloff Nieuwhout (I339)
129 Arrived in South Africa before 1699
MOLLER, Johann Jurgen (I382)
130 Arrived in Table Bay on ship VOSMAAR Oct 1696 BISSEUX VAN MIDDELBURG, Jacques (I1586)
131 Arrived in Table Bay on ship VOSMAAR Oct 1696 LE FEVRE, Marie (I1587)
132 Arrived in Table Bay on ship VOSMAAR Oct 1696 aged 3 BISSEUX VAN MIDDELBURG, Pieter (I1580)
133 Arrived Melbourne 14 May 1920 aged 19 with mother and two younger brothers. MATHISON, William Harper (I2962)
134 arrived South Africa in 1700 JANSE VAN RENSBURG, Nicolaas (I3110)
135 arrived South Africa on 8th May 1679 aboard the ship “Asia”. The ancestor of the large Coetzee family in South Africa
In 1682 received the farm Coetzenburg 
COETZEE, Dirk (I3116)
136 arrived Sydney aged 2 years; Married aged 15 “by special license”. Husband died when she was aged 41. She died after "falling off South Head Cliff" which is where many suicides occurred.
Age 43 on death cert 4634

Name: Mary Elizabeth Peters
Gender: Female
Baptism/Christening Date: 30 Jan 1842
Birth Date:
Death Date:
Name Note:
Father's Name: James Cornelius Peters
Father's Birthplace:
Father's Age:
Mother's Name: Elizabeth
Mother's Birthplace:
Mother's Age:
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C06261-5
System Origin: England-ODM
Source Film Number: 919742
Reference Number:
Collection: England Births and Christenings, 1538-1975 
PETERS, Mary Elizabeth (I728)
137 Arthur became a Deacon of Beckington Baptist Chapel in January 1890, resigned the position in January 1903, then became a Deacon again in 1911 until January 1913, when he resigned, saying he was leaving the village.

In January 1912 he supplied a window board to protect the back of the organ from damage caused by sunlight.

A note in the ld church record book against his name states - "Died in Australia 1922". 
BOURNE, Arthur Octavious (I3431)
138 Arthur's bible is in the possession f Mrs.G.Long of Melbourne. It was presented to him by the Beckington Baptist Chapel Sept. 1847. BOURNE, Arthur Octavious (I3431)
139 Arthur's bible is in the possession of Mrs. G. Long of Melbourne. It was presented to him by the Beckington Baptist Chapel Sept. 1847. BOURNE, Arthur (I3556)
140 Assessed for hearth tax 1672/3. Mentioned in uncle Andrew's will 1679. Sole executor of father's will 1700.
Will dated 21 April 1716 proved 3 April 1718 
WALLER, John (I177)
141 At Ferreira’s home MCMASTER, Alexander Charles (I670)
142 At St. Philip's Church, Church-hlll, the mar
riage was celebrated by Canon Bellingham
last night of Miss Georgie Law, daughter of
Mr. H. Law, Kedron, Burgoyne-street, Gordon,
to Sir James Lionel Broun, son of the late
Sir Wm. and the late Lady Broun, Coulston,
Manly. The bride was given away by Mr.
G. H. Godsell. Her gown of silver lame was
trimmed with maribout, and her veil was en-
circled with a silver bandeau, finished with
a cluster of orange blossoms at tho side.
Shecarried a bouquot of pale pink roses
and carnations. Miss Alma Welsh was chief
bridesmaid, and wore a gown of mauve satin
flounced with gold lace. A swathing of mauve
tulle and gold leaves was worn round the
hair, and she carried a bouquet of pink
and mauve flowers. Two little girls, Zelma
Sprague (Victoria) and Betty Anderson, were
also in attendance. They wore pale blue net
frocks, trimmed with pale pink roses, and
wreaths of roses on their heads. Their bou-
quets were of pink sweet peas and carnations.
Mr. Frank Garvin was best man. The re-
ception was held at Sargent's, where Mrs. F.
Anderson (sister of the bride) and Mrs.
Sprague received about 70 guests. The bride
travelled in a .blue and grey tweed costume,
and black felt hat.
The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Thursday 4 June 1925 p 4 Family Notices 
LAW, Georgie Caroline Bird (I825)
143 At the age of 18, in 1896 when rebellion broke out at Kuruman, over the shooting of the stricken rinderpest cattle he jouned the services, later in the Anglo-Boer war he conducted the supply convoys for the Govt: In 1900 he joined Cillinan's Volunteer Corps at Setlagoli, and took part at the Klipdrift fight, He received 2 medals for the 2 campaigns. After the war took up farming and settled at Lichtenburg. In 1914 he moved to Rhodesia as roads Supervisor for the P.W.D. (site the picturesque Wolfshall road, Selukwe) spent 3 years as Mine Manager at Mashaba, and 11 at Shamva, then worked 11 yrs at the Cam & Motor on the roasters and blast furnaces. In 1941 farmed at "Indiva" Eiffel Flats. Poisoning from a bruise caused his sudden death. ATTWELL, Kimberley Cecil Lennox (I690)
144 author of Hooper’s Physicians Vade Mecum, published in London in 1823. HOOPER, Dr Richard (I691)
145 b cert 17408 BOWES, Joseph T (I752)
146 b. cert 18568; d cert 34 BOWES, James R (I751)
147 b. cert 19025 m cert 5421 MCCURE, Sidney (I747)
148 b. cert 19204 m cert 2695

left audio records at the Woollahra Library 
MCCURE, George F (I748)
149 b. cert 22016 m cert 16532 BOWES, Frederick Hooper (I750)
150 b. cert 43678; m cert 11702 MCCURE, Frank Alan (I749)

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